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A lower HERS® Score means less energy used and more money saved.

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% more Energy Efficient
vs. Typical New Home

The HERS® Index is a registered trademark of the Residential Energy Services network (RESNET). The HERS® Index is a numerical value that represents the relative energy use of a Rated Home as compared with the energy use of the Reference Home. The lower the number, the more energy-efficient a home is, resulting in lower energy costs for the homeowner. Each 1-point decrease corresponds to a 1% reduction in energy consumption. A home with a HERS® Score of 60 is 70% more energy-efficient than a typical used home because typical used homes have a 130 on the HERS® Index (130 - 60 = 70%) whereas a home with a HERS® Score of 60 is 40% more energy-efficient than a typical new home because typical new homes have a 100 HERS® Score. Buyers should not rely solely on the HERS® Index or the estimated monthly energy costs in making any decision. Rosewood Homes cannot guarantee utility usage or energy costs or savings or guarantee that a home will have a HERS® Index equal to or lower than estimated. Actual HERS® Scores may vary depending on a variety of factors including home orientation, location, options, etc. Information about the HERS® Index can be found on RESNET's website at www.resnet.us. Heating and cooling cost estimates are based on applicable utility company costs. Rates subject to change.