Homeowner Testimonials

Lennon was of great help in explaining the homes available, their quality, and reasons to move to Rosewood Highlands. The purchase and inspection process was extremely organized and thorough.

Ronald & Kathleen D. - Scottsdale, AZ

Lennon is the absolute BEST person we have ever met in the house purchase process!!! She is professional, knowledgeable and cares deeply about making our house the best ever!

Mary & Stacey - Scottsdale, AZ

From start to finish, the process with Rosewood has been wonderful. Lennon is a superstar and had been incredibly responsive on ALL questions throughout the process. She held our hand through it all and we were at peace through the entire project. The admin team/back office was also very helpful in keeping us informed of what was needed and what to expect. Scott has done a fabulous job getting all in order to meet the COE delivery date. John/Eric spent a significant amount of time walking us through the home, maintenance tips, functionality, and warranty process. Eric has been tireless and incredibly prompt at addressing any needs/questions after our move-in and coordinating any repairs needed. In short, the entire team and process has been top notch. The product is what drew us in, but the service is what superseded our expectations. We know it starts with leadership at the top, and the awards over the last several years are well-deserved. As a Realtor myself, who has seen and experienced other homes in the area, Rosewood Homes will by my first choice to refer a client seeking a home build. Going through the build process takes time and patience. We feel we have made some fine friends through the process. My only regret is that there aren't too many Rosewood neighborhoods available. But I suppose that is part of what makes owning one of the homes a real treasure.

Dale & Gina F. - Scottsdale, AZ

We think Rosewood's customer care and warranty service is best in class.

Vincent & Mary G. - Scottsdale, AZ
Ron and Carolyn H. - Scottsdale, AZ
Michael and Alexis P. - Scottsdale, AZ
Jim and Doreen P. - Phoenix, AZ
Lu and Sally M. - Phoenix, AZ
Jay S. and Keith B. - Goodyear, AZ
Charlotte K. - Phoenix, AZ
Darren and Kerensa W. - Phoenix, AZ
Janice L. - Phoenix, AZ
Karl and Lynda B. - Phoenix, AZ
Michael T. - Phoenix, AZ

Let me say that we are extremely happy Rosewood customers, and our entire experience with Rosewood and Dana has been fantastic. It is the best home building experience we have ever had. Dana was very hands on, and most of all, very attentive to our needs. His follow up on any request we had was quick and thorough. Even after we moved in (last July), our contact with Dana has continued. Dana has continued to stop by to check on things in our house, and has been responsive and attentive to any “little things” that have popped up.

We love our new home, and would recommend Rosewood to anyone based on the wonderful experience we have had.

Tom and Susan P. - Scottsdale, AZ

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff at Stone Gate in Estrella. My mom and I purchased our new home about six months ago and we have been so impressed with the house and the service we have received from Bret and John. They are always there to answer any questions we might have or solve the occasional issue that arises (of which there have been very few). This is my third new home purchase and it has been BY FAR the most pleasant. When I’m walking my dog through the neighborhood and I see new home buyers pull in I want to go up to them and tell them what a wonderful company Rosewood Homes is and how much different you are from the so-called “big box” builders. You actually care about the customers and what’s more important is you continue to care even after you’ve got the money. That’s becoming a rarity these days!

Again thank you and Happy New Year!

Scott and Gail S. - Goodyear, AZ

All of the people we have contact with - the builder, the superintendent and the two sales associates have been extraordinary. My husband and I both come from families of builders and have high expectations. We couldn’t be happier with the entire process.

My husband and I have built other homes, and have never experienced a builder who was so willing to meet our needs. It was clear to us that David Kitnick/Rosewood took a personal interest, and really wanted us to be satisfied and happy in our home. Our terrific sales representative, Fredda, was instrumental in this process, as was the exceptional on-site superintendent, Dana.

Dana, the construction superintendent has been helpful and informative every step of the way. He is competent and personable, and has done an exceptional job for us. He has rigorous requirements for quality. He is an excellent listener and communicator, clarifies and specifies well so there is no misunderstandings. He has contributed greatly to making the experience of purchasing this home such a happy one for my husband and me.

Fredda is an excellent communicator. She answered all of our questions intelligently and when something came up she needed to check on, she always got back to us immediately - willing to reach us via email, mail, phone and/or text. She made us feel as though we were her only customers. She was sincere and caring, and always went “above and beyond” to meet our needs - even following through and checking on us on her days off.

The attentiveness to homeowners is exceptional, and in our book, makes Rosewood Homes a real stand out in home building.

David and Margaret K. - Scottsdale, AZ

I want to thank you for everything you have done to make a dream come true this weekend. As I woke up this morning, for the first time in our new beautiful home, I saw the most beautiful sunrise off into the East from our master bedroom. I wish I had taken a picture however, a picture would not have done it justice. It was breathtaking with the mountains just starting to light up with hints of red and a little silver of the moon high in the sky. 

Carolyn and I have been talking about having a second home, that would turn into our retirement home, in the Scottsdale area for some time. Tricia Cormie had showed us countless homes on the open market. I’m fairly sure she began to sense that Carolyn and I were looking for something very special. One day, Tricia sent us a note about a grand opening here at Sierra Boulders. She knew David Kitnick and knew that he designed and built a very high quality home. Needless to say, everything came together very quickly after that.

Regarding Tricia’s comment about the design quality of David’s homes, well, I can only say that she couldn’t have been more accurate. The home you have provided to us is very beautiful. As we walk from room to room, we are awestruck at the quality and attention to detail. You have provided us with a home that will result in many years of happiness and grand memories.

Lastly, I want to say how impressed Carolyn and I have been with the customer service ethic. It is clear that customer satisfaction is your number 1 priority.

Thank you very much.

Ron and Carolyn H. - Scottsdale, AZ

We are so pleased with our Rosewood Home. The entire staff has been amazing and we highly recommend Rosewood to anyone who asks.

Jackie was positively amazing! She was always pleasant and informative, a true pleasure to deal with. She always welcomed us and we never felt pressured. She made the entire process fun and easy and we always felt like she had our best interest at heart.

John is another amazing Rosewood employee! What a pleasure to work with. John took care of everything we asked and was pleasant and professional. He made it a painless process. He went above and beyond what we asked of him, he was truly awesome!

Lori was fantastic. She was so helpful, professional and worked very hard to get our closing done before the end of the year. We greatly appreciated all her hard work on our behalf. 

We are extremely happy with our ROSEWOOD HOME!

Joseph and Kristen D. - Peoria, AZ

I just moved into my beautiful new home this week. I want to thank you so much for all your efforts and time in making the home just perfect. I had several friends over yesterday who live in Silverleaf and they marveled about all the beautiful details! I thought I would be missing my old house but I’m just thrilled with this one. You’ve helped to make the transition such a pleasant experience.

Vicki and Dana have both been so helpful and accommodating as well and have gone out of their way to ensure a satisfactory outcome and experience. You have a great team at Rosewood!

Ally J. - Scottsdale, AZ

We couldn’t be happier with our Rosewood Home. Jackie was an amazing sales person and John is a fantastic superintendent. He has always gone out of his way to take care of any problems since we have moved in (all were minor) and he never acted like we were bothering him, he does everything with a positive attitude and is very professional.We love our Rosewood home and would build another in the future. David Kitnick and his entire team do a wonderful job!!!

We would build another Rosewood home again and have recommended them to everyone. We think of the staff as friends now and will be sad to see them leave our neighborhood!

Joseph and Kristen D. - Peoria, AZ

We are extremely pleased with the construction and purchase of our new home. From the sales manager to the construction manager everyone has gone out of their way to ensure the process was seamless. We are Canadian buyers so it was very reassuring to work with such credible and quality builders for our second home in Arizona.

Thomas and Kara F. - Goodyear, AZ

This was the easiest and most pleasurable purchase I’ve ever made. I love my house! Rosewood is the best and I tell everybody! 

I have had two other homes built, and this construction was the best. The workmanship was excellent, and the site was left clean at the end of the jobs. I visited almost daily and was very impressed by the work that was done and how the site was left so clean. Neat and professional work.

Karen Z. - Goodyear, AZ

Dana Mitchell and “customer service” are synonymous…and Dana is at the peak of perfection. We have never felt so comfortable, so well-informed, or so thoroughly cared for. Our home in Chicago was built by an elite custom builder in 2000. He builds only a few high-end homes each year and he happened to be a neighbor and close friend of ours. I never expected any home product to come near or exceed this type of customer care and service during the process, but Rosewood blew us away.

Tom and Susan P. - Scottsdale, AZ

Ashlea and I wanted to say what a pleasure it has been in dealing with the Rosewood team. Fredda and Vicki were outstanding in helping with closing from the other side of the world (as was Kimball Earl at First Am) and your timely responsiveness to the various matters that came up certainly kept it all on track. Dana has been extremely attentive with closing out all the various inspection items and follow up after move-in.

We love our new house. Our thanks to you and the Rosewood team. 

Bryan and Ashlea F. - Scottsdale, AZ

The fact they go the extra mile to make sure your needs are met. I am pleased that all my concerns are taken into account and are properly executed in a timely manner. No matter how big or small, they take action and make sure I am happy.

Brian and Jennifer G. - Phoenix, AZ

This experience was great. Design was very helpful in recommending elements we should consider for our home. Ellie was a delight to work with and provided consultation throughout the build process.

Scott was super helpful and informed us of everything that was going on...very knowledgeable, professional. He always made sure that our needs were met.

Great experience with John, he explained everything to its details and left no stone unturned.

Great quality build, customer service, and level of professionalism was great. Fredda, Scott and John helped us every step of the way. They continue to treat us as the way we met the first day.

Noel and Melissa R. - Phoenix, AZ

John is a delightful individual, full of information and absolutely meticulous in his desire to make sure that your clients are happy. We went through the house very carefully as he made notes and marked what needed to be done, which really was relatively little considering that the houses are brand new.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be moving. Siobahn and the kids are already feeling at home and quickly settling in. What a joy to be able to drive up to my lovely home and to know that my daughter and grandchildren can always reach me any time they need anything.

You have been instrumental in making this happen and I want you to know that when individuals such as you do such kind and generous things for families such as ours, good things always come back to them. Look forward, dear Shannon, to a bountiful life for what you do for others.

Carolyn C. - Phoenix, AZ

Very positive construction experience. Dedication and commitment to the quality of the product and relationship with us was evident. We appreciate the attention to detail, clean work site, communication and ability to get the job done right. Thank you! Night & day from previous experiences where we felt we had no say on our home being built.

James and Ana C. - Goodyear, AZ

Dana and his team were very professional and a very kind person as well. John a kind and caring person also, carefully went through things with us to ensure a great experience. We love John! He was awesome! 

The professionalism was wonderful. John, Dana and Fredda and Amanda were always wanting to make sure we were comfortable and all needs were met.

Tonya and Terrance H. - Phoenix, AZ

After Dana Mitchell walked us through and showed us everything about the home, we’re convinced we bought from an excellent home builder!!

We’ve purchased many homes over the years, and this was one of the most pleasant closing experiences ever. I forgot the gentleman’s name at our closing, who went over the paperwork with us, but he made us feel very welcome and that we made a great purchase from a well-respected builder. (we aren’t from PHX, so we appreciated him sharing with us many things that helped make our purchase even more pleasant)

Bryan and Greta R. - Phoenix, AZ

We are so very pleased with the quality of construction of our home. We realize there will be small issues popping up and when they do, Rosewood’s commitment to quality and satisfaction is there to address any issues and repair any minor problems.

We feel so very lucky and blessed to have Pete in our neighborhood. Pete always is there for us to help with any random question or concern, plus peace of mind knowing the company is committed as well to our satisfaction.

Ron and Carolyn H. - Scottsdale, AZ

The house is very well built and beautiful, both the individual house and community. 

John and Dana have been wonderful to work with. Anytime I had a question or service need, they immediately addressed the concern, even coming out on a Saturday.

Bill and Darlene H. - Phoenix, AZ

We absolutely love our home and have enjoyed the experience of purchasing a home with Rosewood Homes! Jackie and John have been absolutely fantastic! It may be a bit of a drive for us but coming home to our beautiful new house is well worth it! Thank you!

Andrea D. - Peoria, AZ

A very big difference than my previous 3 homes. Your product is superior.

Ed S. - Phoenix, AZ

We are very happy. This is our fourth new home and the best ever. Rosewood you do a great job! Thanks.

Brandi and Cameron S. - Scottsdale, AZ

Thank you for my beautiful new home - I love it. I had heard you were the top builder and it certainly shows. Excellent features, intelligent floor plan, top materials and
good workmanship.

Your organization certainly cares about its customers and home buyers and has a well-deserved reputation as a top builder. Thank you so much for my new home and considerations shown to me in the process.

Karen Z. - Goodyear, AZ

This is not my first build, and to date I am highly impressed.

Fredda is wonderful, I couldn’t have been happier.

Ellie is kind, patient, knowledgeable and very helpful.

Dana is very impressive; always available for any questions. Very happy. He was so on top of things, there really were not any issues by the time we did the walk through! 

I was extremely happy with Fredda in the sales office; Ellie in design and Dana the superintendent as well. All were “always” there for every question and were quick to respond. Best experience I’ve had building a home.

Debra F. - Scottsdale, AZ

Rosewood, their team of professionals and the external experts and their trades, professionals are fantastic.

Being from out of town, Vicki’s attention to details and her follow up including pictures were really appreciated. She made us feel comfortable throughout the building process as she was always watching and updating us. She was proactive and provided us with some valuable insights throughout the process. She was always positive on all our requests and always assisted when required. She was proactive and gave us heads up when necessary, a pleasure to work with. 

Having the samples and design center set up in the model home is very convenient.

The construction process was efficient and well run. Dana is a pleasure to deal with and provided help and assistance above and beyond what one might expect. His after sales efforts have been exemplary. Well done. 

Jervis and Veronica R. - Scottsdale, AZ

Great customer service and attention to detail.

Scott and Adrian did a wonderful job throughout the construction process.

Scott and Fredda were always prompt with following-up with any questions/concerns I had. They also kept me well informed throughout the process.

Thomas S. - Phoenix, AZ

Rosewood Homes was extremely accommodating and bent over backwards to make my new home buying experience wonderful. I can’t say enough good things about the entire staff.

Scott S. - Goodyear, AZ

Very satisfied with overall experience, very impressed with Dana. He handled punch list items very quickly and efficiently... Give that man a raise or larger bonus... Seriously.

Bryan and Greta R. - Phoenix, AZ

Scott follows up, follows up some more, and follows up even more. He is very responsive and helpful.

Dennis and Sandra H. - Phoenix, AZ

I love the neighborhood so much. It is a happy place to be, and completely gorgeous. The aesthetic is wonderful!

Leslie B. - Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for such a nice home. You should be very proud. I will always speak highly of your company.

Chris and Lisa C. - Goodyear, AZ

I feel that Rosewood, and John, went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with my new home.

Rose C. - Phoenix, AZ

John continues to make sure our concerns are addressed with a positive and professional manner. In addition, this is our 4th new home and to be very honest we have never had a super that was as detail orientated and on the ball as John has been.

Joseph and Nicoel A. - Goodyear, AZ

WE LOVE SCOTT!!!! He made the whole process very pleasant........ He went above and beyond even after we moved in. Rosewood is very lucky to have him as a part of their team. He is diplomatic and caring and always has a "Not a problem" attitude which any company would be lucky to have, this being said I own a business and we really feel fortunate when we hire an individual who has the qualities and traits that Scott possesses.

Corneliu and Saskia A. - Phoenix, AZ

What great communicators (including listening!) the construction team at Rosewood are!

The flooring team was led by a craftsman - “Old World” style - displaying pride in his work at every turn.

Paul and Deborah G. - Peoria, AZ

Dana and John are the best. Their service is top notch. They were quick and friendly throughout the entire process.

Corey K. and Tammy H. - Phoenix, AZ

Pete and John have gone above and beyond to make our new home experience wonderful! We are very happy with our Rosewood Home!

Brandon and Jamie K. - Scottsdale, AZ

Scott is the best. He is always there to help, and gets back to you right away.

Michael T. - Phoenix, AZ

The customer service has been phenomenal. Very accommodating to our needs and willing to help us solve any issues that we have had.

Greg and Marianne P. - Phoenix, AZ

My family have come to visit and without me trying, they have expressed how they would love to live in one of these beautiful homes. It's like one big giant family with the Rosewood team. We love our home and thank you very much for the luxurious comfort.

Tonya and Terrance H. - Phoenix, AZ